The Dual DeadHead Kit with 2 nozzles.

This kit is called the Dual because, it is a Budget kit, plus an extra nozzle, hose, boost switch, and solenoid that can be triggered at a low boost level to suppress detonation early on if used in conjunction with a higher timing chip. Keep in mind that this system can be upgraded at any time to a regulated system, such as the Maxeffort.

This system can use drugstore alcohol (91% is recommended), which is very in-expensive, yet works just fine to suppress detonation. I currently use this kit with denatured alcohol and great results. No more low boost part throttle detonation, and the car pulls harder.

The Dual is a high pressure system, and has two nozzles. The methanol pump runs only when the boost switches trigger it on, at pre-determined boost levels.

The Dual system can be tuned by, making some jet changes and choosing the boost pressure on times for both boost switches. This system of injecting methanol/alcohol is high tech, tried and proven on the track, and the street. Methanol makes 7-10% more horse power, as per the American Methanol Institute Research Center.

This kit can be installed 2 different ways. Normal progressive, or to work with the MaxEffort chip, so that the wastegate wires can trigger the solenoid for the knock nozzle. The use of 2 relays will be needed.

The Dual DeadHead Kit, is offered complete with the following methanol/alcohol compatible components:

Special internally coated high pressure fuel pump, 1 brass check valve, 2 stainless steel braided teflon hoses, 2 brass spray nozzles, 1 stainless steel solenoid, a hand full of jets for tuning, 2 adjustable boost activated pressure switches, 0.7 gallon fuel tank, fittings, clamps, and wiring.

Solenoid is field rebuildable !

The Dual Dead-Head Kit is priced at $500.00.


The Dual DeadHead Kit from the front.

If you have any further questions about methanol/alcohol kits, parts, or availability, please contact me by E-mail.



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