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The Upgrade kit is designed to turn a one nozzle alcohol kit, like the budget deadhead, into a dual nozzle kit, like the dual deadhead.

The upgrade kit not only converts my budget kit into a dual nozzle kit, it also works on the Jay Carter Alcohol kit, and some others too.

The purpose of two nozzles is to introduce alcohol early on to suppress detonation, while spooling up the boost on a higher timing race chip, and still using pump gas.

My Upgrade Kit , is offered complete with the following methanol alcohol compatible components:

One stainless steel solenoid, one stainless steel braided teflon hose, one brass spray nozzle,  two .015 jets, one adjustable boost activated pressure switch, and a special fitting to T the two hoses.

The Upgrade Kit sells for $175.00 and shipping is free.

****All Parts are methanol compatible****
***Solenoid is field rebuildable***

If you have any further questions about methanol/alcohol kits, parts, or availability, please contact me by E-mail.