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This kit is called the Basic. The Basic methanol/alcohol regulated injection system, is designed for people who want a regulated system that can be upgraded to full Maxeffort in the future.

The Basic is a high pressure regulated system with a return line, similar to our stock fuel system, and has one nozzle, one solenoid, and one check valve. The methanol pump runs all the time to eliminate any feed delay. The fuel pressure regulator increments up with boost. A pre-determined boost level triggers the solenoid with one nozzle.

The MaxEffort program is designed to be used with this methanol/alcohol system for its fuel out option which lowers the amount of fuel coming out of your injectors(user adjustable), so that you can run mainly on methanol at wide open throttle. All kits will work without the MaxEffort program also.

The Basic kit can be tuned by raising or lowering the fuel pressure, and/or making some jet changes. This system of injecting methanol/alcohol is very high tech, tried and proven on the track, and the street. Methanol makes 7-10% more horse power, as per the American Methanol Institute Research Center.

My Basic Kit , is offered complete with the following methanol/alcohol compatible components:

Special high pressure fuel pump, adjustable fuel pressure regulator with boost sense port and 3 outlets, 1 stainless steel solenoid, 1 brass check valve, 1 stainless steel braided teflon hose, 1 brass spray nozzle,  a hand full of jets for tuning, 30 amp relay, adjustable boost activated pressure switch, fuel tank, 1/16" pipe thread, fittings, clamps, and wiring.

Solenoid and fuel regulator are field rebuildable !

Package deals with the MaxEffort program are available.  

BUY THIS KIT, & A MAXEFFORT PROGRAM AND SAVE $100.00! *  Note that the MaxEffort Software is not included with any kit.

Basic Kits with only one solenoid, one nozzle, one check valve, and one boost switch, will be $650.00, and can be expanded to have two or three nozzles at a later date.


****All Parts are methanol compatible****
***Solenoid and Fuel regulator are field rebuildable***

If you have any further questions about methanol/alcohol kits, parts, or availability, please contact me by E-mail.